Pierce-Arrow has always occupied a special place in the pantheon of great carmakers, supplying the vehicle of choice for kings, heads of state, top artists and the rich and mighty.
The proud tradition now continues with the rebirth of Pierce-Arrow. However, the new Pierce-Arrow is no longer powered by the massive 13-litre engine of old, which delivered 66 horsepower back in 1912. The required performance can now be delivered, with room to spare, by a 24-cylinder unit with a capacity of “only” 10 litres.

Prof. Luigi Colani, the world’s most renowned industrial designer, is responsible for creating the “new” Pierce-Arrow.

It is a unique vehicle in the true sense of the word.
This is so because each Pierce-Arrow owner can choose his or her own bodywork design from Prof. Colani, with alternatives that range from classically conservative to cutting-edge futuristic.
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Pierce-Arrow thus continues the tradition of this great luxury brand, by supplying vehicles that conform to each owner’s design and equipment requirements.

Each Pierce-Arrow by Colani is a unique creation, built to fulfil the desires of its proud owner.

No other carmaker offers such levels of exclusivity.

Pierce-Arrow – Exclusivity with Tradition – developed by Prof. Colani

*Pierce-Arrow-Motor-Corporation – Delaware - USA